A telephone between 10 year olds in 1945

My brother Horace provide a telephone link between the neighbour two doors away Roy Lockler and myself. He used some X wartime gadget and we strung a single wire between my place and Roy’s bedroom, this was okay but because it had an earth return it was rather difficult to hear what was being said. So I asked Mr Webb the butcher who lived in a shop just before Roy’s place if we could put an extra wire he declined saying that one wire was more than enough over his property. Not deterred I have a think about it and decided to pull the existing wire back home leaving just a piece of string between our two houses hammer retrieves wire I then made a Meccano machine wind to wires together such that I could then pull these two wires back between houses and thereby having a much better circuit in both directions. I would be incredibly pleased with that accomplishment swings others only properly nominal 10 time and showed a certain amount of out-of-the-box thinking. Unfortunately, I never had a picture of this contraption but will try and produce a picture using my 3D drawing package.