Remote Control Car

Now we are steering

The control handset contains two programs 1- Pendulum timer and 2 the remote control for the car. A description of the program initialisations and Remote Control section is given below. The pendulum timer is described elsewhere.

When power is applied to the MICROBIT the program will go through a setup phase which lasts about 5 seconds.
If pendulum timing is required press button B within the 5 seconds.
If remote control is required on channel 1 do nothing and wait for the display to show
If remote control is required on a different channel 2, 3, 4, 5 press button A to increment the channel number within the 5 seconds.
NOTE:- the car must also be set to the same channel for proper operation.
In remote control mode button A is turn left and button B is turn right. Tilting the handset downwards will cause the car to go forward and upwards will cause it to reverse.
For further information about the Microbit go to web site Here you will find technical details , project ideas and the means to write programs.

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